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Workplace Stress is Causing American Companies to Lose Over 100 Billion Dollars a Year

Employee Unhappiness Is a Big Issue and It’s Not One That Will Be Fixed Naturally or Without a Plan in Place

The Problem

The American Institute of Stress reports that workplace stress is costing businesses billions of dollars each year in absenteeism, reduced productivity, and health care costs. And it’s only getting worse. In a recent survey, nearly half of all workers reported feeling more stressed out than they did just five years ago.

One of the biggest culprits behind this rise in workplace stress is the ever-increasing demands of the modern workplace. With technology making it possible to be connected 24/7, employees are expected to be available at all hours creating a massive loss in productivity. This can lead to burnout and eventually lead to physical and mental health problems.

Steven’s keynote presentations guide your group through the journey of change and challenge, inspiring them with his incredible life stories, life strategies his 500 pound Tigers taught him, and the science of neuroplasticity, derived from proven cognitive skills and positive psychology.

Steven connects with his audience, using the term “Tiger” as a metaphor to describe those hidden creatures that lurk deep within us all. Things like stress, anxiety, and poor communication skills, helping them see that better thinking equals better results.

“An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body. Therefore, the inability to manage your emotions cost corporations billions.”

-Steven Diamond

The Solution

Teach your team the proven stress relieving skills designed to:

Stevens’ model is based on the premise that learning proven skills to relax and better manage your emotions will create space that leads to self-awareness which is the key to personal growth and lasting change. By exploring deeper levels of awareness, participants are able to identify obstacles, hidden assumptions, and beliefs that have been holding them back from achieving their full potential.

Steven’s Keynote speech is based around his Four Prong Approach to less stress in the workplace:

Book a Steven Diamond keynote in-person or virtual appointment. You can expect to see Steven guide your team through the journey of learning to stress less in the workplace, while inspiring them with stories, proven strategies, clever illusions, and evidence-based neuroscience that promotes internal calm and better decision making, all derived from positive psychology.