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Steven Diamond creates transformational change

Steven believes that – Transformation is more than just changing our ideas about ourselves; it’s a shift in the identity that affects how we perceive ourselves and how we show up in the world.

Stevens’ model is based on the premise that self-awareness is the key to personal growth and lasting change. By exploring deeper levels of awareness, participants are able to identify obstacles, hidden assumptions, and beliefs that have been holding them back from achieving their full potential.

Steven teaches how to move from reactivity to receptivity by teaching the invaluable skill of how to self-regulate. His transformational leadership and culture transformation workshops fosters group wisdom, giving rise to creativity, inclusive solutions and sustainable results.

Participants will learn:

By actively engaging the whole person – the body, mind, heart, and spirit participants will be more successful at focusing attention, solving problems, and remembering solutions.


Steven guides groups through the journey of change and challenge, inspiring them with his incredible life stories, strategies, and the science of neuroplasticity, derived from proven cognitive skills and positive psychology.

Steven connects with his audience, helping them see that better thinking equals
better results.


Steven has more than thirty years of experience leading, managing, and motivating people—first as the creator and producer of a Multi-million dollar
international touring production and then later leading massive production teams involved with the touring productions of Cher, P!Nk, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry just to name a few. Today, he is an author, executive coach, founder of the Life Skills Master Class program and leadership consultant to the Fortune 500.


Steven helps organizations transform cultures, infusing their workplaces with compassion, trust, and vision —even in times of change and uncertainty. He
shares proven strategies for linking beliefs to behaviors to help companies create high-performance united teams.

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for a keynote presentation or workshop, please visit our website today.

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